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Viscusi Elson Interior Design
Today's architectural photograph is interior design, in fact it's an ad for Viscusi Elson Interior Design. I like this image because it integrates the people into the space so effectively, the concept was Gina's but it was up to me to execute it.

I shot using available light as my primary (of course) and simply added two strobes to stop motion and provide some fill. I remember Gina was displeased with the lighting at first, I asked her what it was about it that she found objectionable and she made a references to "feeling." I added a minor warming filter to the strobe from the left and she fell in love with it. This is an example of how a minor change can impact the project, but it takes a professional to be able to determine what changes are appropriate.

I also wanted to include this image here because people request images that incorporate people in them and this is becoming more common. This shows I have the skills and experience to do this effectively.