Dusk Exterior
Private Residence
Carmel Valley, CA
Miller Stein Interior Design
Today’s architectural photograph is a dusk exterior in Carmel Valley, CA I shot in 2009 for Steve Stein of Miller Stein Interior Design.

I love shooting at dusk and dawn because the light is so soft and I capture the romance of the project. I shot this using the HDR technique and it really helped overcome the challenges this image presented.

This project was spread across the hillside and I had to use my widest angle lens to capture all the different elements. This caused some problems with capturing the sky with deep rich colors. Prior to integrating the HDR technique into my workflow I would use filters or cut mattes or even polarizers to darken the sky, unfortunately when working with such wide angle lenses polarizers create odd artifacts not unlike a stripes in the sky. The dodging technique I described in my post last week on shooting into the sunset is effective but very challenging and the results are not always as predictable as we would like. The HDR technique resolved this by allowing me to shoot multiple exposures of the scene and seamlessly combine the ideal exposure for each part. I still need to shoot at the right moment but the technical advantage provided by application of HDR and tonemapping is undeniable.