Cambrain Branch
San Jose Public Library
San Jose, CA
Anderson Brule' Architects
Today's architectural photograph was created for Anderson Brule' Architects in 2009. I worked directly with the marketing manager of the firm Karen Costa for two days to complete the project. We had a lot of fun and got quite a few great photographs for their marketing collateral.

Karen was a pleasure to work with because she had a very clear idea of how she wanted the project presented and worked with me to explore and develop each composition to ensure it advanced the message the firm was communicating to their clientele. I enjoyed collaborating with her because she was so focused and professional in helping me communicate her ideas clearly.

We included people in the imagery to show scale and to help the images communicate the design concept, which wasn't just a pretty building but a useful and well organized space designed to be used by people. I like this idea and feel the inclusion of the human form in architectural photography is a good idea, I want to do more of it as time and clients allow.

I have not always been willing to show people in my photographs of architecture and interior design because I felt it would date the images due to fashion of clothing & style, but Karen had other ideas. Once she explained her concepts I realized how they would work and how to include people in a manner that promoted the communication of the design concept rather than distract from the design aesthetic.

As an artist I welcome the opportunity to challenge my own assumptions and allow my imagery to evolve. In the social media theater my client's need to create personal connections with their prospects even more rapidly than ever before, so showing the spaces and structures in a way that helps people envision themselves "living the dream" helps them achieve that immediate level of engagement long enough to register on their prospect consciousness causing them to look at the images twice and realize the worth of what they're seeing.