Master Bathroom
Private Residence
San Mateo, CA
NKBA Northern California Award Winner
Rise Krag
Nicole Chacon
Rise Krag Interior Design
Today’s architectural photograph is an NKBA Northern California award winning master bathroom in San Mateo, CA shot in 2011 for Rise Krag of Rise Krag Interior Design. Rise and I have worked together for several years. She is a wonderful designer who epitomizes the idea of grace and sophistication in her self, her work and the presentation thereof.

I have learned a lot from working with Rise: how to communicate the dignity of a design and to sense the subtle touches that combine to create a feeling of quiet sophistication that is a hallmark of her work. She also helped me realize the true value of my own work because she has remarkably high standards and a wealth of experience with photography and to be counted as her photographer is itself a testament of my talent and skill as a photographer of architecture and interior design.

When asked she had this to say:
"You are not only talented but calm, generous, polite, and patient."
Rise Krag
RKI Interior Design

As Isaac Newton once said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Rise has led me to see more in myself by sharing her insights during our work together. I will always be grateful for her help in realizing my potential.

And it’s really nice to have the work, too.