2012 NKBA Award Small Bathrooms
Powder Room
Private Residence
Los Altos, CA
Jamieson Simpson
Harrell Remodeling, Inc.
Today’s architectural photograph is a residential powder room in Los Altos, CA that won an award in the 2012 NKBA Northern California Design Awards. It was shot in 2011 in close collaboration with the interior designer, Jamieson Simpson of Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

Jamieson and I spent two hours perfecting the camera position and styling of the space. The attention to detail, care of placement and sophisticated styling elements is a major factor in helping to win the award.

This is a wonderful space and I am quite proud of the photograph. I shot this image using nothing but the available light the only lights in the space are the two fixtures seen next to the mirror. I used the tonemapping or HDR technique that allows me to capture an amazing amount of detail in both the highlights, you can see the modulation in brightness of the fixture that shows where each bulb is located and shadow, note the color and detail of the wood grain of the floor under the vanity and the grain of the bamboo cabinetry.