Private Residence
Los Altos Hills, CA
Marie Chan
Interspace Design
Today's architectural photograph is a kitchen in Los Altos Hills, CA shot for Marie Chan of Interspace Design. It was Marie's idea to use roses floating in stainless steel bowls, and hydrangea. This is proof that it is almost always best to defer to the designer when it comes to supplemental styling elements.

I use this image in my IDCEC CEU "Photography of Interior Designers" to describe the important of maintaining focus on the design elements when styling a space. It is important that we not allow the styling elements, such as the candles and light fixture in the dining room to become overly important in our perception of the space.

In styling spaces one of the hardest things to learn is what not to do. We always need to look at the "big picture" and not let our attention be diverted by minutiae. I'm not saying we shouldn't address the details, but we need to keep them in perspective. It really doesn't matter if the figurine across the room is turned twenty degree towards the camera or thirty degrees in the final image it's going to be a featureless spot of color the size of a pin head, what matters is that it's on the correct side of the lamp.

And just in case anyone is wondering, yes we did style the counter reflected in the oven door. We left the dining table alone to keep from drawing attention away from the kitchen.