The Wedding Photo. Here you see the luckiest man on earth with his bride, The Most Wonderful Woman In The Whole Wide World.

Shari Steele shot the picture and Lilley Yee witnessed. It was a great day.

Yesterday started off as expected, minor scheduling challenges and expected tensions. Erica and I got to the courthouse before lunch and got our license, then went over to the restaurant to meet Lilley and Shari for lunch.

After a casual lunch we all got into Shari's car and drove to the courthouse for the ceremony. We were early and had plenty of time, everything was going just as we had planned. At the chapel they asked for the wedding license and to my horror I realized we had left in in Erica's car across town at the restaurant.

The chapel closed in 30 minutes and there was no way to get back to the car and then to the chapel in time. Our plan was falling apart, we wanted to be married on this day the winter solstice symbolizing the beginning of our new lives together with the begging of the new cycle of life.

Erica and I went back upstairs to get a new license,Shari and Lilley stayed below planning on holding the door open and not letting them close. Above Erica and I were nervously waiting for our turn in line, each time they would announce another number it was totally random. There was no way to tell when our number would be called. The other people in the waiting area sat silent, each time a number would be called another person or two would rise and go to their assigned window. The clock was ticking closing time approaching with the inevitability of death. Erica and I were standing waiting as patiently as we could hoping that we could get the license in time.

Finally our number was called. We quickly explained our predicament, and she listened carefully. Then she began typing as fast as she was able, performing her job with a speed and efficiency that was no less than remarkable. She carefully and clearly asked the questions she needed to ask, she took our oath. she finalized the license got our signatures and in less than five minutes she had us on our way.

Erica and I practically ran down the stairs to the chapel and found Lilley and Shari patiently waiting, saying that the wedding party ahead of us was delayed and we had no problems. Erica and I breathed a sign of relief, we were going to be married and married on that day.

Once inside our license was signed and we held our ceremony. Vee, officiated and you could tell she LOVED her job. She did not simply do a mechanical reading of the required text, but instead put her heart and soul into it, sharing the joy she felt. She along with Lilley Yee and Shari Steele helped make this a wonderful day. A day we will all remember.

A day that will be held special and unique in my heart as the day I was proven to be the luckiest man on earth, blessed not only with a loving and caring wife, but with loyal friends that I am honored to know.