An exterior architectural photograph from the chemical era. Sometimes I miss my old 4x5, but then I remember how much of a problem we had with dust and I get over it.

Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners
I shot this image for Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners in 2001 shortly after relocating to California from Colorado. California architecture was still new to me and  was fascinated by the creative application of stucco in commercial and residential architecture here.

This shot is a good example of the limitations we had to deal with when shooting film. Notice the depth of the shadows. In order to capture good detail in the highlights I would have to let the shadows go dark, darker than they appear to the human eye. When shooting chemical film this wasn't too much of  aproblem as long as I was careful with my exposure, but when shooting digitally the shadows tend to pick up "noise", loose detail and definition which is a problem.

The HDR technique solves this problem for me because it allows me to bring out the details I want in the shadow areas with no loss of detail, color shifting or noise, while still maintaining wonderful detail in the highlight areas.