I've been adding photographs to my Facebook company page for several weeks. They are the same ones in my website portfolio except I'm adding a narrative about each image. http://on.fb.me/vR4SjO

Today's architectural photograph is a residential living room I shot for Alison Whittaker of Alison Whittaker Design, Inc.

This shot was intended to capture the flood of light and display the volume of the space. It is a tonemapped photograph (HDR.) I like the tonemapping technique for interiors photography because it a allows me to work with available light while transcending the mechanical limitations of my camera. There is no better way to showcase the beauty and glamor of a space than with natural lighting, but it takes quite a bit of experience to produce consistently realistic representation of the design. Most people get caught up in the thrill of being able to show incredible amounts of detail, but detail is not what I'm photographing. I photograph the atmosphere, grace and artistry of my clients designs.

The idea is to provide a little more information about the image hoping to intrigue the reader while providing some of insight into my creative decision making process.

* One thing we need to remember about posting images on Facebook is to include copyright information in the active image area because the Facebook T&C allow third party commercial use, but including the copyright data in the image should prevent this.