Private Residence
Mountain View, CA
Rutt of Los Altos

Kitchens are so much fun. Modern kitchen design provides for creative expression like you wouldn't believe. Did I mention that I love photographing kitchens? This kitchen is a classic, the traditional presentation fits the home and personality of the homeowners perfectly.

I shot this image for Rutt of Los Altos and Viscusi Elson Inteiror Design again with nothing but available light, I haven't used a significant amount of supplemental lighting since 2007 and when I adopted the HDR technique in 2009 I realised there would be very few situations where I would need supplemental light, but I digress.

The only lighting for this shot is the fixture above the sink and a matching fixture above the camera and the window. you can see how smooth and natural the lighting is, perfectly in scale and lacking any artificial shadowing or glare. HDR works by creating multiple exposures, a simplified example is I do one shot to expose the shadows the way I want them, one shot for the mid tones and one shot for the highlights - I usually do five to nine exposures for an interior, this shot required six exposures.