A blog that focuses on the photography of Dean J. Birinyi, an interior and architectural photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

Interior Design Photogrpahy Residential Powder Room

Private Residence
Woodside, CA
RKI Inteiror Design
I shot this powder room for Rise Krag of RKI Interior Design.

Powder rooms are very challenging, due to the restricted space and prevalence of mirrors there are few if any ways to position supplemental lighting to be used effectively. My experience working with available light and reliance on my compositional skills allows me to create captivating images in even the most challenging spaces. And my command of the HDR technique proivides technical advantages to control the high contrast when working with available light.

I prefer to have a light hand when it comes to styling a space. I always remember that we are not photographing "stuff" we are photographing design, keeping the surfaces clear and the composition uncluttered is usually the best way to focus attention on the design elements.