Private Residence
Campbell, CA
Viscusi Elson Interior Design
This is a stunning example of what can be done with available light photography. I shot this patio as part of a larger job for Viscusi Elson Interior Deisgn. In fact this is the designers own home. I am always honored to shoot designers or architects own homes or offices because these are the projects where they can create with no concern for outside influences and it usually shows in the quality of the result.

I shot this entire project with the HDR technique and the photorealistic results are amazing. Everyone notes how authentic the results look, as though you are standing there experiencing the project first hand. I've spent thousands of hours practising and studying the technique, the theories behind it and the functionality of the tone mapping software that is the heart of the HDR process. I've also spent many hours studying related theory, such as learning more about how humans perceive light and dark. I've found the computer gaming industry has a wealth of research into this and that they have been using HDR techniques for a long time.

In fact I learned that the first commercial use of HDR imaging wasby Charles Wykoff in the 1940's photographing nuclear explosions and published on the cover of Time Magazine. It was surprising to learn that this "new technique" had been in use for sixty years before it became mainstream.