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Palomino Park Clubhouse
Englewood, CO
J.G. Johnson Architects
Today's architectural photograph is the exterior of the Palomino Park Clubhouse in Englewood, Colorado shot for J.G. Johnson Architects in 1997.

We shot this project on the summer solstice to get the maximum light on the north face exterior of the building. I love the flow of the structure from the garden as the last rays of sunlight strike the building bring out the warmth and texture of the stone. I worked hard to find the best location for this shot, a perspective that would showcase the form and flow of the building to enhance the glory of it's presentation. I was hoping for a good sky to go with the landscaping and provide a balancing element, Colorado is known for dramatic skies and on this day we weren't disappointed.

I shot this image with no mechanical artifice or digital trickery and am quite proud of the result. This image is an expression of my talent as an architectural photographer, relying on my visualization of a dynamic composition combined with my knowledge and experience with environmental factors that impact the presentation of architecture.