Sequoia Lecture Hall
Evergreen Valley College
Kitchell CEM

Today's architectural photograph is another educational project. I shot the Sequoia Lecture Hall at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose in 2002 for Kitchell CEM. It was still the chemical era and I used my 4x5 camera.

It is interesting that another architectural photographer, Steve Whittaker shot the same space except where I shot an oblique perspective from below and a one point perspective from above he shot the exact opposite. He and I were discussing this and I realized that he had shot the space from the psychological perspective of an lecturer while I shot it from that of a student. This goes to show the value of situational context when planning a photo shoot. It's very important that the perspective from which the design concept was developed is taken into account.

As you can see this image was shot with available light exclusively, the lighting design was executed so well there was no reason for me to compromise it by adding unnecessary supplemental lighting. To achieve this shot I did use a graduated neutral density filter on the lens. I have extensive experience shooting education, healthcare and commercial projects and the one thing all these projects have in common is the need to master of available light photography and the ability to make fluorescent lighting look good.