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Dusk Exterior Healthcare Architectural Photography

Kaiser Permanente, Roseville
Chong Partners (Now STANTEC)
I shot this in project for Chong Partners (Now STANTEC) in 2003 using my 4x5 camera and chemical film. This is an example of a predigital HDR image because I did multiple images at different exposures, scanned each sheet of film and blended them in photoshop using masks.

Modern tonemapping makes this process much easier and provides other technical advantages and capapbilities I did not have but the end result shows all the hallmarks of a well done HDR image: rich colors, impressive detail in both the shadows and highlights and no obtrusive halos which are light or dark shadows around features in the image, most often seen and the sky subject interface.

This image also shows how a strong leading line can make or break a composition, without the strong line of the sidewalk this image would lack impact. I rely very on composition to create drama in my imagery, more so than lighting; I can always count on having compositional tools at my command where quite often lighting is beyond my ability to control. The combination of the two, composition and lighting create images that have power and elegance and will be remembered for their content long after the flash and glamor of a trick of the light is forgotten.

You can see more of my HDR images in my portfolio: