Private Residence F.t Collins, CO Garth Braun Associates
This exterior architectural photograph of a residence was shot in 1999, another wonderful image from the chemical era. I used a mix of supplemental and available light for this dawn exterior.

I have a lot of experience working with supplemental lighting, for the first seven years of my career I shot with nothing but strobe lights. The reason is that you can't see what strobes will do until you run the film or view a Polaroid, this required me to become very good at previsualizing my lighting and finished photographs, a technique made famous by Edward Weston. The habit of previsualizing my images before I even begin to position the camera helps me understand what I am trying to communicate in my images and is one more reason why I am so good at capturing my clients design concepts.

It wasn't until the end of my second decade as an architectural photographer that I realized that supplemental lighting was in fact an impediment to capturing the true character and emotional context of the spaces and structures I photograph. Since then my images have an authenticity and organic feel that cannot be synthesized with supplemental lighting no matter how many hours are invested in the effort.