Private Residence
Ken Caryle Ranch
Denver, CO
CMA Builders
Today's architectural photograph is an interior I shot in 1993 for CMA Builders, a high end home builder who worked in the Ken Caryle Ranch area south of Denver, CO.

I've always been proud of this image. It is one I shot using extensive supplemental lighting, but even this early in my career I was doing a good job of creating a natural and authentic representation of the space in my imagery. You can see how I've used the geometry of the space and the interrelation of the features in the foreground and stairs to create a flow to the composition intended to lead the viewers eye deep into the image. The composition provides a wealth of "eye candy" to keep people interested in the image long enough for the design to make a positive impression on the viewers consciousness and be remembered.

I try to create images that will cause people to react. I want the viewers to say "WOW! That's sexy, I want that." I can imagine nothing worse than for a prospect to react with boredom when an architect or interior design to shows their portfolio. I use my talent, skills and experience to create powerful imagery that helps my clients talent, skill and experience be remembered because as creatives, in any field we are competing based on the numbers in our proposals rather than the artistry of our work, we've already lost the war.