Iron Point Office Park
Folsom, CA
Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners
Today's architectural photograph is an exterior detail of the Iron Point Office Park I shot in 2001 for Williams + Paddon Architects + Planners.

I was still quite new to California and I was still reveling at all the stucco. It was everywhere, back in Denver everything was brick, block and stone. The textural effects were new and forms were a delight to work with. The environment was such a radical change with a wonderful variety of plant life. The way exteriors were designed incorporating this abundance was an absolute delight and I wanted to incorporate these living elements in the image.

Here you can see how I have used dramatic luminance, foreground elements and color to create a leading line that directs the viewers attention through the image where I want their eye to be captured and constantly moved through and around the image. This flow is what gives people an impression of an image having life and energy.