Break Room
Alta Mesa Memorial
Palo Alto, CA
Shirley Lo Design &
Spence Studio Interiors

It doesn't matter if it's a residential kitchen, commercial kitchen or just a break room - I Love Photographing Kitchens.

I shot Alta Mesa Memorial in Palo Alto for Shirley Lo Design & Spence Studio Interiors in 2010 and it won awards in both ASID Northern Californai and ASID  Califonria Peninsula design competitions.

This is another example of available light interiors photography using the HDR technique. This space was very corridor like and with the glass window wall it would have been impossible to effectively light and maintain the authentic presentation I am well known for. Through the use of the HDR technique I was able to balance the interior and exterior light levels and show the shadow detail that is so critical to interior design photography without loosing any highlight detail in the exterior.

*Note: I almost always want my exteriors to have a different luminance value than my interiors to maintain a natural representation of the environment, in this case the exterior luminance is greater than the interior in other circumstances I might do the opposite. There are no hard and fast rules, it all depends on the context of the space and the environment and the message were sending.