Private Residence
Portola Valley, CA
Rise Krag
RKI Interior Design

I shot this home in Portola Valley, Ca for Rise Krag of RKI Interior Design in September of 2010 and am very pleased to say it was featured on the cover of Gentry Design Summer 2011.

We were busy shooting the livingroom of this project and Rise spotted this view out the Nana Doors to the patio. She was entranced by the view and the atmosphere and asked me to shoot it.

The pool was scheduled to be resurfaced that day and the workers were actually beginning the job of drainign the pool. We asked them to hold on for a few minutes, you can't see but they are standing just off to the side of the image on the left with hoses and pumps in hand ready to go. We quickly staged the scene to communicate the concept of enjoying the view and captured this iconic scene.

Had it not been for my extensive skill with available light photogrpahy and Rise's expertise in staging the scene we would not have been able to capture the scene in the limited amount of time we had.

I used the HDR technique to shoot the scene, as I most often do and used the "magic" of tone mapping to bring out the detyail of the view despite a very significant amount of haze. I often tell people that with HDR and tonemapping I can manipulate a scene almost as effectively as a rendering artist or painter; this scene proves that point. By carefully manipulating the image in my tone mapping software (Photomatix) I was able to cut through the glare and haze to create an image rich with colors and textures with just the right amount of atmospheric perspective to contribute to the mood of the image.