Mather VA Hospital
Mather Field
Rancho Cordova, CA
Nacht & Lewis Architects
I post so many interior images that I decided to make today's architectural photograph a dusk exterior of Mather VA Hospital in Sacramento, CA designed by Nacht & Lewis Architects.

I sensed a lot of energy in this elevation and wanted to showcase the active nature of the design.I like to include a foreground element in my images. In this case the tree creates a frame for the building balancing the dark form of the adjacent building on the left side of the image. These dark forms help the bright colors of the building jump out at you. The strong perspective of the building and form of the clouds contributes energy and motion to the image.

This is another image from the chemical era. The day I shot this was a typical summer day in the California central valley - 100 degrees and dead air. The advantage inhospitable conditions provides is no foot traffic or even cars to interfere with the shot - everyone went in and out through the back door because parking was closer.