Private Residence
I shot this image in 2008 as I was beginning the transition from reliance on supplemental lighting to the exclusive use of available light. I did not use the HDR technique on this shot because, at the time my experience with HDR was so limited I didn't want to risk screwing up the job with it.

As you can see this image is shot squarely into a glass wall there is no place any supplemental lighting can be positioned that would provide a benefit to the shot. I shot this image digitally and created a composite of several exposures to achieve the results we needed.

Some people have responded less than favorably to the use of compositing and HDR preferring "traditional techniques" and wanting the images to be perfect straight out of the camera. I do want my images to be shot the best they can be, but I am not reluctant to use whatever technique or tool is required to achieve the required result.

I worked in commercial photo labs for five years at the beginning of my career and I remember how much work went in to making those shots that were "perfect right out of the camera" look good. The film, or digital capture is only raw material the final image is a result of craftsmanship, skill and command of technique at each of the three stages of crating a photograph. Ansel Adams, an acknowledged master of the craft wrote three books - The Camera, The Negative and The Print.

One reason it's easy to tell an amateur shot from a professional is that professionals know to take their time and work at making the best image they can at each of these three stages using every tool and technique they have at their disposal and the result is stunning imagery.