Contemporary Kitchen
Private Residence
Los Altos Hills, CA
Rutt of Los Altos
Today's architectural photograph is a detail shot of a contemporary residential kitchen in Los Altos Hills, California shot for Rutt of Los Altos.

This kitchen was quite a challenge because it was all white enamel, every surface was basically a mirror. If I had attempted to light the space with supplemental lighting such as flash or tungsten hot lights it would have been an absolute nightmare. Thankfully my expertise using available light and skill with HDR photography made photographing this project a piece of cake.

I like working with available light because I can create images that are unadulterated interpretations of the designers concepts that capture the emotional and character of the spaces as they exist in reality. I've always felt my efforts as an architectural photographer should be transparent. I don't want anyone who is not in the business to even realize I was involved.

Some say I should be more transformative and create a wholly different presentation of the project divorced from the reality, or environment in which the subject exists. I feel this results in a an unnatural almost plastic feel to the images like you see in glossy sales brochures. I find the more sophisticated a clients market is the more they value the authentic representations of my imagery. There are very few people who want to live and work in glossy sales brochures, most people are much more comfortable in realistic environments and the organic feel of my imagery brings out the charm of the spaces and structures I photograph.