Guard Station
Coalinga State Hospital
KMD Architects

Today's architectural photograph is a guard station in the Coalinga State Hospital I shot for KMD Architects. This is a guard station is charged with watching several radial corridors. I was struck by the geometry and power of the view.

I've stated in the past the the thing that makes a professional photographer stand out is the ability to walk into any situation and come away with remarkable imagery - or else. The security on this project was such that there would never be another opportunity to shoot. I had three days to document the entire facility and did quite well. KMD Architects has gained professional recognition through both publication and design competitions with my images.

Having spent the past two and a half decades of my life shooting architecture with available light I've developed and learned to rely on my compositional skills. I've always had a good eye and I've worked to develop my vision. My clients trust me to create powerful imagery regardless of the challenges presented and I work hard to ensure I don't let them down.