Sunset Idea House 2008
Monterey Valley, CA
Joseph Hittinger Designs

Today's architectural photograph is one I shot for Joseph Hittinger at the 2008 Sunset Idea House in Monterey Valley. It is one of the images that I shot in the transition to using available light exclusively. I hope you like it.

I used no supplemental lighting on this shot simply because I didn't need any. The trick to sunset or dusk shots of interior design is to get everything styled, set up and ready to go fifteen to thirty minutes before sunset and then simply wait for the light levels to become "balanced" according to the photographers previsualized final image.

Sunset and dusk shots really can't be art directed. The light is "perfectly" balanced for only two minutes, with the HDR process we have a window of opportunity that extends to about five minutes, but that is still not enough time to shoot a test shot, show the client or art director, discuss the options, make a decision and reset the camera. The photographer has to be the final authority of ow the image is to be presented, but we're pretty good at this and can be trusted to create wonderful and romantic image that fits the style of the designer or architect quite well.