California Fuel Cell Partnership
West Sacramento, CA
Williams + Paddon Architects+ Planners
Today's architectural photograph is a detail of the California Fuel Cell Partnership in West Sacramento, California shot for Williams + Paddon Architects+ Planners. This is another image I shot with my 4x5 camera right at the end of the chemical era.

This image is a shot at the entrance to the reception area. On approaching the building the first time I was struck by the strong geometry and color, the contrast of the horizontal and angled structural elements and decided this was the shot I needed. I shot the overall exterior but this was the glory shot on the project.

I'm very intrigued by geometry and quite often focus my efforts on how the line, plane and form of my subject flow and interact as abstractions rather than features such as the wall, bracket and sign. I learned how to do this by shooting in B/W, learning to visualize your subject without color only seeing luminance values in your minds eye teaches you to manipulate your perceptions of what you are seeing. This gives you the mental tools required to see your subject as a concept rather than as an object or series of objects.

Often I will convert my preview to a B/W version and then turn it upside down on the computer screen, this makes it easier to see the composition because the image is see as abstract construction not a building or space.