I recently changed how my billing is structured to provide greater transparency, flexibility and give my clients a deeper insight into the creative and mechanical services I provide. I no longer bill by the hour but instead bill by the photograph. This gives my clients a clearly defined cost for a photo shoot rather than a vague estimate that can vary by several hundreds of dollars.

Don't make promises you can't keep
Residential Kitchen
Marie Chan, InterSpace Design

I had the opportunity to prove my commitment to this new policy while shooting the Sunset Idea Houses in Palo Alto for Suett Wong of GoGo Creations yesterday. I quoted a fixed price for the creation of eight photographs and a usage license, I originally thought the project would be completed in a single day, but at the end of a full day (and two parking tickets) we had only completed five shots. Suett and I worked really hard at styling the spaces and ensuring we got the best composition we could, we even restyled the kitchen shelves of the show house twice to make the shot look the best it could.

This afternoon Suett and I will return for a second day of shooting and there will be no increase in costs unless Suett decides to add shots to the project. That is only one  advantage my clients get from my new policies and procedures. It is going to cost me additional time but I’m OK with that because the end result is fantastic photographs of fantastic spaces for a fantastic client.

This policy is only one of the ASMP best practices for my industry. I’m slowly implementing the others one at a time each one is a good idea and provides substantive benefits to bith myself and my client.