Copyrights have been the single most common issue my prospects and clients have asked about throughout my career. It's very difficult for me to explain copyright law to them because I am not an attorney, nor am I an educator. I do my best to explain it but this always leads to a less than perfect understanding of the matter because my take on the matter is from the copyrights holders position, when they need to understand it from the copyrighted materials users position.

Recently, because of my enrollment in ASMP I have found a resource that explains copyrights not for the benefit of the user of copyrighted materials.

Now as I said this is a very complex issue that involves legal technicalities that are far beyond most of our needs and abilities to comprehend due to time constraints, but this ten minute video will give you a functional knowledge of copyrights more effectively than I ever could. If copyrights are of concern to you please take the time to watch the slide show.
AuthorDean Birinyi