In my seminar on photography for interior designers I point out that digital photography provides many benefits, but not necessarily the benefits we expected.

Often an architect or interior designer will have a project in another part of the country that is critical to their career development and marketing plan, quite often a local photographer would be hired to shoot the project because the cost of transporting lighting equipment could be more than the cost of the photography. Adding airfare, travel time and lodging made the cost of flying their regular photographer out to shoot the project prohibitively high for all but the largest firms.

This created other difficulties because the on-site photographers style may not be the best match causing the presentation of the project to be inconsistent with the rest of the designers portfolio and compromising their branding strategy. The photographers policies and procedures may not be in sync with the clients working style, causing tension and friction on the shoot. We all know how difficult it is to communicate artistic ideas effectively, usually it takes at least two or three projects before we can mesh our artistic visions in a truly successful collaborative effort.

HDR photography solves all of these problems. My equipment now fits into one checked bag and one carry-on, the additional cost to fly me and my tools to Florida or Philadelphia is only standard airfare. Of course lodging, meals and travel time are still requirements, but these costs are minimal when you consider shipping 600+ pounds of lights, stands, bounce panels and extension cords in twelve different cases-each the size of a nightstand or larger-to and from the project, and then renting a vehicle large enough to carry it all cost more than the actual photography.

The advantages this gives my clients goes far beyond saving thousands of dollars in airfare and shipping costs. They get to work with a single photographer, one with whom they have built a relationship, know how to communicate with and understands their unique needs and expectations. Someone they are comfortable working with and they know will create stunning available light imagery that showcases their singular style, focuses on their creativity and displays their artistic vision.
AuthorDean Birinyi