I love being a photographer so much I can’t wait to get to work in the morning. I bring this enthusiasm to every project I shoot.

I got my start in photography shooting baby pictures in Kmart Department Stores. I was hired having never picked up a camera before in my life. After two weeks' training, one day of which was on taking pictures, I was sent out to unleash my best efforts upon an unsuspecting world.

I quickly realized that photography was the career for me, but not shooting baby pictures. So I got a job in a photo lab and spent five years focused on learning the technical aspects of photography.  During this phase of my career I was most impressed by the talents and skills of the architectural photographers I met and worked with. So, I became an architectural photographer and twenty years later I’m still at it, having fun and doing work I love.

Nothing is quite so satisfying as pushing my creative limits to create an image that is truly spectacular. I get excited knowing tomorrow holds new challenges that will require even more creative effort, because these challenges offer the opportunity for greater achievement. Actively seeking new challenges is how I have learned and grown as an artist and is one of the reasons I chose a career in photography.

I strive to create images that carry as much visual impact as information. Mastery of my craft, along with my professionalism, talent and skill allows me to consistently create striking images that catch the eye and capture the imagination.
AuthorDean Birinyi