High Dynamic Range Imaging

I have been working with high dynamic range imaging and tone-mapping my images since 2008.

This is a wonderful technique that allows me to do absolutely amazing things with available light. One example is this powder room the only light source in the space is the fixture above the vanity seen in the image on the right, which I shot for Shirley Lo of Shirley Lo Design.

The HDRI technique allows me to manipulate the available light almost as effectively as a painter or rendering artist. I qualify that statement because as a photographer I still have to work with what  light is actually present in the space or scene, painters have no such restriction.

In the past I had always used available light as the primary light source in my photographs of architecture and interior design, only using my strobe or “hot lights” as a supplement to bring the light levels in line with the mechanical limitations of my camera or film. This has given me a great advantage in mastering the HDRI technique because I was never dependent upon supplemental lighting to create dramatic photographs.

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