Incorporating video into our marketing presentations is a trend that is becoming a requirement for professionals in any field. In my market area, Silicon Valley, video has been a standard in the end clients (homeowners and buyers of architecture and design services) industries for quite some time.

I am building upon my skills as a photographer and artist to help my clients meet the expectations of their target markets and here is one example of what can be done.

Our concept was to show the interior designers involvement in the project, because Rise does more than pick furnishings and paint. She is actively involved in the design of the home from start to finish lending her skill, talent and experience for the benefit of the client, architect and contractor. We did several videos, this is the one from that day that showcases my work the best.

I’ll be working with video more and as time goes on. It’s an interesting medium to which my talent for visual storytelling and contextual approach to image creation lends itself well. I will post the finished pieces to my youtube account and blog, check back soon.