Video as a marketing device.

Lately there has been a trend to incorporate video into our marketing. Including a video on your website is a wonderful way to create a personal connection with your visitors. Some people have looked this as a fad, but leaders in the commercial visual arts are saying this is the direction our industry is going.

My digital camera has HD video capabilities, and I am adopting this new medium as a part of my creative toolbox. I have several videos completed and although they are not Alfred Hitchcock quality I am quite pleased and proud of the results.

As with anything expertise is developed through dedication and practice, there’s and old joke “Q: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? A: Practice, practice, practice.”

My talent for story telling, ability to incorporate situational context and communicate the unique character of my subject will prove to be a valuable asset in developing this new creative medium.

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AuthorDean Birinyi