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NKBA Meeting: Bathroom Design

Last night I attended a meeting of the Northern California chapter of NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) at D.J. Mehler in San Francisco. NKBA meetings are always a lot of fun and very well attended.

Last night the presentation was "The Ultimate Experience: How to Create a Sanctuary Bathroom." Our speaker Henry Brunelle, President of Bain Ultra spoke of how he promotes a holistic approach to bathroom design to promote physical, emotional and psychological health. He calls his concept creating an "Inspirience Bathroom."

Henry pointed out that the bathroom is the most private space in the home. The bathroom is the only space where you can close the door with assurance that you will be left completely alone without being disturbed for any length of time you choose. And the inspirience bathroom concept takes this idea and capitalizes on the opportunity by creating a meditiative and restorative space incorporating light, aural and aroma therapy in to the design as well as color, materials and space planing to create a ritualistic space that can be a refuge fromt he stresses of our lives and promote renwal and restoration of our emotional and psychological balance..

He showed several photographs of completed inspirience bathrooms of varying sizes all incorporated natural wood seating in the form of a chair with facility to put your feet up. One bathroom he showed incorprated a massage table into the bathtub.

I enjoy attending these presentations and they help me in my own work by providing me with a strong conceptual understanding of the process of designing a space, whether it be a bathroom, kitchen or office. And this understanding of my client's work results in photographs that do a better job of communicating their design concepts.

Second Place 2011 Northern California NKBA Master Bathroom

Second Place 2011 Northern California NKBA Master Bathroom

I am constantly learning about my clients work to improve my skills and understanding of design because my photographs aren't simply showing a collection of things, but instead communicate the emotional context and character of the space as a completed work. HDR photography allows me to do this by allowing me to capture the space as it exists using only the available light rather than force a reinterpretation or a partially effective recreation of the character of the space using my own lighting.