I am very pleased an honored to have been a part of such an historic and culturally significant project as the Chinese Hospital. 

Chinese Hospital began back in the late 19th century out of necessity because the Chinese were refused medical care at other hospitals. At it's inception they dispensed medical care out of a fish cart. Through time, from donations from within the Chinese community they grew the hospital. Today after a intensive 20 year fundraising effort the China Town now has a state of the art health care facility. (See below for more...)

The construction faced unique challenges. They had to stag all of their construction materials and hospital equipment in two (2) parking spaces around the block. All materials and equipment had to be loaded in through the large red door seen at the beginning of the gallery. Jackson street is the heart of the Chinese community the fish and produce sellers had to remain open the entire time and accept delivery of fresh fish, meats and produce up to three times daily.

I am amazed that through the two year construction not one complaint from the community was recorded. DPR deserves special commendation for achieving such an remarkable feat.