About My Approach

While I began my career as an upholsterer, I was soon inspired to take up interior and architecture photography as my career. If you're familiar with Keith Whitley's song (and the inspiring remake by Alison Krauss) "When You Say Nothing At All," then perhaps you'll understand that design speaks to me in a manner not unlike music. Most of us can’t make it as well as professional singers, but we can feel it.

Like music, design is something I feel.
It speaks to my heart and soul. I can feel how it flows, rises, and falls throughout a space. And I can dance to it with my photographs.

In short, I can see design.
Where most people see chairs, a rug, a sofa, I see the design, the way you've composed the space and combined colors, textures, and forms. My lens moves through the positive and negative space as I sense the mood, the tone, and the flavor of the life intended to be lived there.

Photographing your space is a collaborative endeavor.
As the designer, you bring something incredibly intimate to the space you need photographed, and listening to you share your ideas and how they evolved into a finished product helps me truly capture something remarkable.

A portrait of Dean Birinyi, interior and architecture photographer in San Francisco, CA Wearing a suit jacket at sunset.   

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Photographing interiors is a patient process.
Understanding your ideas requires a commitment of time and energy for both of us. Given enough time within a space, and the opportunity to concentrate on it, I can communicate my understanding of your intent by using the Coordinated Management of Meaning theory of communication. It's often a cathartic experience for those who work with me. Many designers come away from a photo shoot having a much better understanding of their own design, design concept, and talents than ever before.

Many of my clients have received design awards and been published because of the photographs I've produced. My reward comes when they tell me the photos we created made their work look better than it did in real life. I'm always quick to thank them, but the truth is my photographs reflect what their designs look like through my romantic eye.

Let me help capture everything you've created in the most remarkable light.