180119 Deleteable - About Dean

I began my career as an upholsterer but was inspired to take up interiors photography as my career.

I draw on my romantic nature to capture the mood, tone and emotional character of the spaces I photograph. I’m very proud that my photographs have helped my client receive recognition for their talents and skills in design awards and publications.

I listen to my clients, working to truly understand their ideas, how they came about before sharing them in my photographs.

Understanding other peoples ideas requires a commitment of time, and energy for both myself, and my clients, but the results are always spectacular.

For me the pay off comes when my clients tell me the photos we created make their work look better than it does in real life.

I thank them, but tell them "No, that's what it really looks like through my romantic eye."

A portrait of Dean Birinyi, interior and architecture photographer in San Francisco, CA Wearing a suit jacket at sunset.  

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