My clients depend on me to be the "voice" of their firm. I take great pride in this, and take the responsibility very seriously. I listen to my clients and work to understand their ideas before trying to share them through photography. 

This requires an investment of time energy and effort for both myself and my clients, but the results are strong photographs that speak in my clients voice. That's worth the trouble.


A San Francisco-based architecture and interior photographer with 30 years of experience, Dean Birinyi brings a thoughtful approach to every project he shoots. Dean began his career as a portrait photographer, refining his skill set before turning to architecture and interior design for inspiration. At Dean Birinyi Photography, the photographer draws on his background in furniture design and construction to capture the true essence of residential and commercial spaces. Dean’s work has led his clients to receive prestigious design awards and has appeared in numerous shelter magazines.

On lighting: I prefer to use supplemental lighting (strobes, LED or tungsten) on my projects whenever possible. Lighting adds a dimension to the images that you just can't get otherwise.
I use the available light as the primary light source but add my own to enhance the mood or sculpt the space.

Pre-production: I always want to do a pre-production tour of any project you ask me to photograph, no matter how small before I offer styling suggestions and set a schedule.

To be successful in todays creative environment, with the bar for entry set so low a photographer must be a master of composition and not just lighting, but light itself.

To paraphrase Harlan Ellison "Being a photographer is easy, anyone can be a photographer. Staying a photographer, that's the hard part."

My photographs share my experience of a design by communicating my sense of the mood, character and emotional context of the design.

Nicolo Sertorio helped me with my headshots. He's a great photographer and I offer him my highest recommendation for headshots and editorial work

“A man should do what he loves or what he does best. If they’re one and the same then he truly is blessed.”

I'm one of the lucky ones; I'm one of the blessed. I love my job so much I can’t wait to get to work in the morning. I bring this enthusiasm to every project I shoot.

I believe it's important to speak with my clients face-to-face when setting strategic goals for their photography. 

Most often it's not the words a designer chooses to describe a project that helps me understand their ideas, but their expression, the lift of an eyebrow or a subtle hand gesture as they talk about their work that gives me the insight I need to understand their artistic vision and communicate their design concept.